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Cape Town > Activities > Rhodes Memorial

Rhodes Memorial

Rhodes Memorial
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When it comes to classic architectural monuments found in the glittering city of Cape Town, Rhodes Memorial is one of the best on offer. Built as a tribute to Cecil John Rhodes, Rhodes Memorial was constructed by Sir Herbert Baker and Sir Francis Macey in the early 1900s and forms part of the breathtaking Table Mountain National Park. The memorial lies at the base of the intimidating and aptly named Devil�s Peak Mountain, which gives the entire area a rather dramatic and imposing backdrop further adding to its already resplendent natural beauty. South Africans are mesmerised by the views from Rhodes Memorial, which are nothing short of captivating; from here, you can see large parts of Cape Town and it literally feels like having the world at your feet.

While the views from Rhodes Memorial are spectacular, other attractions visitors can explore during their excursion includes the rostrum and a popular lunch and tea restaurant. There are 49 steps � one to mark each year of Rhodes� life � that leads down to the rostrum; this staircase is lined with granite walls and has 8 statues of lions overlooking the city below them. At the foot of the stairs lies the bust of Cecil John Rhodes, which is identical to the one found in the Kensington Palace Gardens in London.

The other highlight whilst visiting Rhodes Memorial is definitely its on-site restaurant. Constructed from the granite found at the base of the mountain on which the memorial rests and blended with classical architecture that Rhodes himself was a great admirer of, the restaurant is famous for its delicious home-made cakes which make morning and afternoon tea a very scrumptious affair indeed. Rhodes Memorial is one of Cape Town�s greatest monuments and is a must-visit for those lucky enough to sojourn through this part of the world.

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