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Nauticat Charters

Nauticat Charters

Are you looking for a cruise with a difference? Sip champagne whilst admiring the fantastic Southern Africa sunset over the Atlantic with Table Mountain as the backdrop. Laze on an open upper deck enjoying the sunshine, observing seals pups just metres away , whale-watch from a spectacular upper deck or simply enjoy a romantic sunset cruise. The boat has full bar facilities.

On request, almost any kind of function can be arranged on board, tailor-made according to your personal requirements. The saloon has a fully licensed bar and a spacious seating area with a sound system, should one wish to dance the night away.

For the avid fisherman, Nauticat Charters, provides Game Fishing for embarking on a deep sea fishing experience to catch Longfin, Yellowfin, Big Eye Tuna and other game fish species. There are game fishing charters onboard the boats which range from 25ft ski boats to 58ft luxury cruises. All boats are fully equipped with tackle, skipper & crew & have all the latest navigational & safety equipment onboard.

From the spectacular upper deck of the Nauticat, view the habitat and behaviours of the Cape Fur Seals from just metres away , or bird-watching as well as the other wildlife around these islands.

Cape Fur Seals have external ears and no hair on the palms or soles of their flippers, brown in colour but appears black when wet. The pups are born black. They can grow to the size of bulls 2.5m - 350kg and cows 1.6m - 80kg. They have also been recorded to reach the ages of 30 - 45years old.

The mother will select a small, rocky off-shore island as preferred breeding sites. When pups are born, they weigh 5- 6kg, are fully furred and able to move around within a few hours. The pups cannot swim for the first 3 - 7 weeks of age.

A few days after the birth of a pup, the mother starts looking for a partner for her to have the next pup. The males are very territorial.. One bull establishes a harem of up to 50 cows. Implantation of the embryo into the uterus is delayed for about four months so that the 8 - month development leads to birth one year later.

In the water seals use their front flippers for swimming and the hind flippers for steering. Seals are very graceful when in water but clumsy on land. The Cape Fur Seals spend most of their lives out at sea.

They eat anchovies, pilchards, octopus, rock lobster, shrimps and prawns. Seals off the South African coast consume 2 million tons of food per year, they eat 10 - 20% of their body weight per day. The seals have a few enemies such as the fisherman who compete with the seals for fish, the shark and the killer-whale.

About 95% of the Cape Fur Seals live on the west Coast of South Africa because of the richness of the fishing grounds there, the remaining 7% live on the South coast.

Join the Nauticat for a thrilling adventure and to enjoy a memorable experience out at sea on a floating venue with fully trained onboard staff to cater for all requirements.

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